Friday, January 14, 2011

An Edited Thank You

After my last gift to Chelsea I realized I'd completely ignored everything I wanted to incorporate into a drawing of Sherlock- so I decided to redo it a little.

This is the helmet I wanted to design because I miss my blind Sherry. I know it sort of looks like something cyclops would wear, but I was thinking more along the lines of what Geordie wears in Star Trek. Plus I included the clear face protection, though protecting just the nose and jaw is kind of silly.

Well, Sherry breaks his nose a lot, so perhaps it's.. for the best, ah ha-

Kit is Chelsea's character, and is currently Sherlock's best friend on the planet. However, neither one of them are very brave, or strong, or powerful. Sherry can be when he's angry and feels he has to protect someone, but for the most part, this is... about it, haha.

Two dorks destined for de-resolution.

Again, because Chelsea is being such a rock in my life right now.



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