Friday, October 3, 2014

Fan Expo Blues

After my terrible sales at the expo, I've been finding it difficult to draw. Well, no, I've been finding it more difficult to paint.

So, working from pre-made palettes, I started working again, and trying to shade again.

Just a couple drawings.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Art

What have I been up to lately? Apparently not as much as I'd thought, to be honest, haha. Anyways, last I checked it, it was April, and I was just graduating, and life got a little hectic past that point. I lost a lot of drive in my art, and I stopped creating for a while. I went on a fruitless job hunt, as I did not get hired, nor currently wish to work in my field of study. I had little luck finding receptionist positions, and I was getting scared. My boyfriend gave me the throw away option of "Why don't you work in security?" Thinking I wouldn't be interested, and when I was, he gave me loads of information to help me out, and I started down the rather lengthy path of getting a job in security.

Good news, I passed my ministry test (just got the news today) and applied for my license, so I'm feeling really good right now.

Right now, I feel very optimistic about life in general, and a lot of that I owe to my forcefully optimistic boyfriend, who has kept me on my feet and talked me through many nights of tears. I'm feeling better in life in general due to his influence, and I'm very lucky he's here.

Anyways, below is all the art I've been doing really since April. In fact I'm pretty sure it's all of it, haha. The first three happen to all be of the same theme because apparently alphabetically I named them all in the same letter. Most of them are pieces for Fan Expo (Come support my table!) Except for the pinup, the run and gun, the first three, and Nathan Drake down there, who I designed for my long board, but will probably finish up and include in my Fan Expo print roster.

Ah yes, and the yellow one there is a wedding invitation I made for my older sister, who got married this past June, and I am so very very happy for her. I'm gonna be printing out large versions of that one for my parents and grandparents, as per request.

Happy art everyone, I missed it a lot.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Birthday

A gift I just finished today for one of my dearest friends. Corrin is a world and a half to me, and a huge supporter of me and my art.

Every year for her birthday I draw her a picture of the two of us, to add to her growing collection of "Annie drawing people things for gifts".

Happy Birthday Corrin, All of my love.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jessimage and Palidannie

I drew these a few days ago following a conversation Jessica and I had. I was talking about how it'd be fun to live in the world of Harry Potter, but that I wouldn't like that all of my magic use would depend on the use of a wand- and how easily I would lose this wand and be unable to use any magic.

Jessica suggested mages, instead of wizards. I thought it was a great idea, except I'd make a terrible mage. Jessica suggested I'd make a good paladin, with a hammer and a sheild.

I decided I had to draw these things, so I did.

Took me a while, but tadaaa! As usual, just design elements for a background, because I haven't the patience to build a layout for most of my doodles.

Also I built a new portfolio. Please check it out at AnnieMation!



Saturday, March 22, 2014

Some more derps

 I've been busy with my thesis lately so I haven't really been creating anything. Here's a collection of drawings I've done over the past few months or so- some commissions, some fan art fridays, and some fun.



Friday, February 28, 2014

Yuffie Kisaragi

Well, here she is, folks. At the behest of my beautiful Corrin, I stayed up late to finish a much overdue fanart of Yuffie Kisaragi, who is arguably my favourite FFVII lady. Arguably, because I constantly change my mind about who is my favourite character in that game.


So. I figured I'd hear it for changing her design so much, but I decided to take a different route when designing Yuffie. I read up on ninjas. A lot. A ridiculous amount. I wanted to try and make a very true to heart portrayal of a ninja. Well... the popular representation of ninjas are pure fantasy. Pretty sure I was aware of that before I started researching, but hey, I confirmed it. So, I thought about where Yuffie grew up- in Wutai, a country that was torn up by war and left in economic distress because of the war. Yuffie was raised to be a fighter; specifically a martial artist. I considered traditional Chinese style clothing, I considered Buddhist robes, I considered so many kinds of different directions I could take Yuffie in, I couldn't pick. So I thought about what Ninja's did. Ninjas were to fight back against the samurai, and their common clothes were-- well, common clothes, to blend in and pass unnoticed. They were spies and insurgents.

I decided to go a little more modern with Yuffie, considering the world she lives in is technologically advanced. Got her done up in some camo to pass unnoticed, and gave her some super fancy night vision goggles. I decided to pass on giving Ninja armour, like I have done for all my other redesigns so far; I feel like most of Yuffie's attacks would be from the dark, unseen and unexpected, and armour was not something she relied heavily on.

And there. Thank you, Corrin, for convincing me to finish her.



Monday, January 6, 2014

More Derps

Continuing to build my cache of fanart to sell at fanexpo. We got Elsa in the top left, from Disney's Frozen, Ellie, from Naughtydog's Last of Us, Red, from the Pokemon Manga, and Yoko, from Trigger's Gurren Lagann.


I like drawing squishy little people.



Friday, December 6, 2013

A Bunch of Derps

 I never know how to format when I put up a bunch of drawings at once... Anyways, here's a bunch of things I've drawn over the past little while, mostly putting them up on my Tumblr, since they were super fast and super care free drawings I put together.

Some of them are little diary entries, others are fan art I'm working on, and at least one of them was a special request for a friend. I've been informed these super fast people with poor anatomy are very expressive, and have a lot of personality, and my friends really like to see them; so here they are.

Every Friday I'm drawing a new piece of fan art (FanArt Friday, get it?) so that when Fan Expo rolls around next year, I'll have lots of cute five dollar postcards to sell.

Go me.