Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh Look, It's Legible Now!

Sleepy. Think I'm going to go to bed now.

I got this idea last night while I was thinking about one of my characters. Sherlock is a sweetie who I've come to care a lot for, and every since I decided to use him in my layout assignment, he's been on my mind. I was thinking about his history, which I had to seriously think about for the first time- I always knew his mother was a gorgon, but as to HIS backstory, I was never sure.

I discovered last night that Sherry has two crazy sisters- both of them older than him, though not by much. He was born in a nest of three, and was lucky not to get killed within the first ten minutes of hatching.

I've never heard of a male gorgon in my research, though I know gorgons have mated with humans before (Though, I think Medusa was pregnant before she was cursed to be a gorgon-). I decided that gorgons are plenty now, a species more than specifically three sisters (two, after Medusa's death), and Sherry's mother had two girls, who took the gorgon blood of their mother, and one boy, who took the human blood of his father. He still has stone-eye abilities, and he has an extended life due to his lineage- but he looks perfectly human.

I have a lot more coming! If I work on them. Never really felt inspired to work on something like this; I wanted to see if I could tell a story without dialogue, as well as see how comfortably I can work within panels. Since my last attempt, I can work surprisingly well within panels, and found most of this very fun to do.

I'm still unhappy with a lot of it, it's not as dynamic or as dramatic or clear as I would have liked, but hey, it's an experiment, and it's for fun. It's on five 8.5x11 pieces of paper, and you can see the page number in the top left corner. Reads from left to right, up to down. Hooray!

Poor Sherry, his sisters are insane. They get more sentient (I'm just guessing that's the word I want) as time goes on, but they're still very cruel and violent, especially to their youngest and weakest sibling.

Poor Sherry baby!



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