Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some Things Are Too Awesome

Yesterday in layout class, Komza had us drawing animals. Without references.

Let's just say it was depressing and frustrating. I walked home with Leah, and I asked her, "Leah, what am I doing here if I can't draw animals?" to which she answered, logically, "To learn to draw animals?"

Which is where this challenge came from! Leah told me I should give my characters mounts. Like Beaddan. And to draw animals that way. Which lead to her challenging me to draw Tinette on an alligator (I have been wrong about crocodiles and alligators my entire life) and me challenging her to draw Marc on a bear. I didn't draw mine last night, and neither did she, so we both drew them today at break. Thinking about it, there is no way Tinette would ride an alligator. Not because they're deadly, or frightening (Tinette? Fear? Never.) but because they're so low to the ground, and she wears one of two things; her incredibly long gypsy dress, or incredibly short, incredibly tight skirts. Panty shot? Shoot. That, and she has insanely long hair, and if she was riding a gator, it would more that likely drag on the ground unless appropriately clipped up.

Which in this picture, it is.

I also imagine that saddle to be insanely not comfortable; and I imagine straddling a gator to appropriately ride one, wouldn't be comfortable. And those knee braces. And leg braces. Ow.



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