Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Annie-Mation has a Logo!

And here she is, ladies and gentlemen!

I spent a good chunk of today updating my portfolio over at DA, because I decided to throw caution to the wind and apply to a very expensive, very elitist art program that I doubt I will get accepted into.

If I am accepted, I do believe my parents will kill me.

However, I figured you only live once, it's a great opportunity, and the odds are stacked against me, I could go ahead and try. Doesn't cost to try, and who knows, life just might surprise me and then I'll be scrambling to scrape together funding so I can go.

Also, seeing as I was applying to something professional, I decided to update all of my stuff. My DA portfolio, my email signature- and so I finally created a little logo for myself. This is actually a terrible logo, due to the fact that when shrunk down it doesn't translate as well, but hey, I gotta start somewhere. I'll sharpen it up to a full out logo eventually.

Very tired, I haven't finished my page for Friday yet and it's already Wednesday, but that's alright because it's almost finished.

Wish me luck, in all my endeavours!