Friday, June 3, 2011

I Require Sustanence!

Yay I fixed Thor's cape!

I watched Thor on Tuesday, after not bothering to forever.

And I really, really liked it.

I was never a huge fan of Thor; he always struck me as a lazy asshole in all of the comics I'd seen him cameo in, and it bothered me. However, after watching this movie, I was informed that the movie Thor was perfectly accurate to the comic book Thor. And I really, really liked the movie Thor.

It might have had something to do with that one particular scene where Thor didn't have a shirt on and was trying to figure out low rise jeans- BUT THE POINT IS I have a new found appreciation for a character I thought I didn't like.

And his cape, holy crap, I want to touch his cape. It looked so rich and luxurious!

And also, I wanted to hug Loki.

One day, I will get a manly man and make him wear a manly man kilt.




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