Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Pig Rider

Alright, the latest in ID's is finished!

I drew this in class on Friday. Because I wanted to draw a pig. Originally it was going to be a boar, like it always is, and originally it was going to be a really large boar.

Basically I was going to be riding Baeddan- but instead I drew a squat pot bellied pig.

Because I freaking love their wrinkly faces.

I enjoy how if I were to get off my steed it would probably stand to my hips. Waist, at best. Still very very large for a pig though, haha.

Psht, horses. Who needs horses?

Don't get me wrong, I love horses too.

Originally I was supposed to be holding some sort of weapon, and riding my big all battle ready- but let's face it, I couldn't think of a weapon I could actually see myself holding, so it turned from epic, to cute, in a span of "she's supposed to be holding something-"

Alas. I'll just ride my steed to school.

I made the background just by having some fun with the lasso tool in photoshop. I based it off the highlands I visited while in Scotland. I probably should have added some Scottish heather. Hm. I might go back and add that.

Anyways! Me, the pig rider.



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