Monday, May 14, 2012

An Old Friend

I revisited an old friend of mine today. I haven't drawn a decent picture of this guy in years, but Yukio is very dear to my heart. He looks scary, and he can be very scary, but he's a lot like a dog. A very loyal dog, willing and eager to serve. Without orders, Yukio will sit blankly on the floor, grinning at nothing.

He's very dear to me.

My poor, poor, brainless creature.

I promise, he's not as terrifying as he looks.

I haven't drawn him in so long because I felt his face shape was too similar to Rebel's- so this time when I tried to draw him, I decided I had to exaggerate how... wasted he would actually be. He hasn't exactly been 'alive' for many many years, he removed his soul as a young adult and stored it away in a vial he wears about his neck.  He doesn't take care of his body, everything functions on autopilot.

I pulled in his sallow cheeks, lengthened his fingers, removed some hair and reworked his nose and smile.

I find him more terrifying than adorable now, but I still see him as my emaciated, ugly puppy.

I forgot to post this last time I updated my blog because I was too tired!!

Sarah drew this for me in exchange for drawing her vampire character, Laurent.

Suffice to say, I was ecstatic.

Thank you Sarah, for drawing me such a pretty drawing of my lovely lovely Kara!



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