Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's Cold Outside

I feel as if it's been a while since I drew anything- That being the case, I decided to dedicate today to painting up Sherry into something worth looking at!

I tried some new things today that I haven't tried before, in terms of colouring, and I'm pretty happy with how he came out. I wound up drawing him looking pretty scared, so I tried to design a background to accomodate.

D'aw. Sherry.

This would be him when he was younger, around sixteen; lately I've been drawing all of my characters as their older selves.

Now I just need to draw one for Suka- but I'm all hyped up on Tron Uprising and just want to draw Tron things instead. Tron things that are all legs, jebus. 


This show makes me ask so many questions.

Forgot to add the scratches and bruises everywhere. He works hard on the ship and gets kicked around a lot, so I added those!




  1. I like this one very much! The style is so nice =)

    1. Thanks, Natalia! I'm gonna keep playing with it, because I really want to develop it into something personal. =]