Friday, September 7, 2012

Something Old, Something New

I decided a couple days ago I wanted to do one of these memes... and the next day it was a contest on DA!

Well then.

So anyways, I went back through my blog and dug up one of the oldest pieces I could find.

This one technically wasn't the oldest, but I did love it quite a lot back then, so I thought it would be appropriate. Ain was at one point, some form of necromancer. I imagined he loved women, and he loved to drink. When I first drew the picture to the left, it was supposed to be a looot more sexual, but uhm. Ha, sexuality, I ain't drawin' that.

Anyways, both of these characters changed a lot. Ain is no longer a necromancer, and you'll notice a lack of vials of blood tied to his wrist and stupidly spiky armour plates that left his chest totally exposed. Usually Ain still wears a cape, but I scrap it for a lot of pictures with Kara, because they're usually in a more intimate situation. He bulked out a lot as I learned more and more about how to draw; Ainmire's weapon of choice is a one handed sword, and I'm quite sure the character I'd initially invented would not have had much luck wielding his sword with the power that Ain's now fully fleshed out character could wield.

I was also entirely wrong about their characters- as I quickly discovered in my writing that Ainmire hated people. He didn't like to talk to people, he didn't like dealing with them, and was very blunt because he had no skills in tact. It was a far cry from the drunken womanizer I thought I'd created!

In the drawing to the left, Kara was blonde, thin, and unimportant. Now she's Indian, hefty, and the love of Ain's life. Not that he'd ever say that, but she knows. She actually has a personality now, and is the only person who would have any success in pushing Ain around. I find it adorable.

And that is what five years of time has brought about.



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