Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Art

What have I been up to lately? Apparently not as much as I'd thought, to be honest, haha. Anyways, last I checked it, it was April, and I was just graduating, and life got a little hectic past that point. I lost a lot of drive in my art, and I stopped creating for a while. I went on a fruitless job hunt, as I did not get hired, nor currently wish to work in my field of study. I had little luck finding receptionist positions, and I was getting scared. My boyfriend gave me the throw away option of "Why don't you work in security?" Thinking I wouldn't be interested, and when I was, he gave me loads of information to help me out, and I started down the rather lengthy path of getting a job in security.

Good news, I passed my ministry test (just got the news today) and applied for my license, so I'm feeling really good right now.

Right now, I feel very optimistic about life in general, and a lot of that I owe to my forcefully optimistic boyfriend, who has kept me on my feet and talked me through many nights of tears. I'm feeling better in life in general due to his influence, and I'm very lucky he's here.

Anyways, below is all the art I've been doing really since April. In fact I'm pretty sure it's all of it, haha. The first three happen to all be of the same theme because apparently alphabetically I named them all in the same letter. Most of them are pieces for Fan Expo (Come support my table!) Except for the pinup, the run and gun, the first three, and Nathan Drake down there, who I designed for my long board, but will probably finish up and include in my Fan Expo print roster.

Ah yes, and the yellow one there is a wedding invitation I made for my older sister, who got married this past June, and I am so very very happy for her. I'm gonna be printing out large versions of that one for my parents and grandparents, as per request.

Happy art everyone, I missed it a lot.


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