Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I hated today

I waste far too much time. Alright so, just some expressions I reworked, mostly for line variety, but these are better in terms of execution too.

I've been up too late, my eyes are stinging.

I must've drawn up four rotation sketches today, and I was getting so BLASTED frustrated, I wound up throwing them all out, and deciding I am going to use the wonderful invention of the lightbox, and just rework my old rotation as opposed to killing myself over a brand new one.

God, today was a waste =[ I knew I had work to do, but nothing was working, at all. Now I have to do even MORE tomorrow, and uh.. crud, my sisters coming home for a visit. Aaaaah she's going to haaate me

Oh well! School first!


  1. lol don't worry about it! You'll get through it all as well as hang out with your sister for a bit. I believe that you will do great and will have lots of fun!