Saturday, February 14, 2009

I was working...really


I was doing my homework and not drawing X-Men all day, honest. cough. *shuffles away*

ALRIGHT fine, I've been watching cartoons all day =P

Now that I've got the boring, static, full body pose out of the way, I can try something more fun! Better enjoy today while I have it, I have a lot of work to do X3

Just watching the new x-men show, and very much enjoying it. I like gambit in this new x-men! He is very awesome. And I like nightcrawler too XD Always had a fondness for him, I did. SO I DOODLED HIIIIM. He has very awesome hair in this series. I loooove his hair in this series. Eeee hair XD

Much better than the last night crawler I attempted, one day I shall redo that... perhaps. Possibly. Maybe.

and totally stopped paying attention to the next episode because I was busy drawing. Sigh, no wonder I get so confused. MOVING ON!


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