Monday, February 9, 2009

A very sore day

Alrighty, drew.. I at least think I drew all of this today.

So I get to school, print off my essay, post to the RP, check out the school of aesthetics hours, and go to Andreas for tea. And I am pretty sure that is when I drew Dailan (No, I don't care how it LOOKS like it's pronounced, you know my intentions). decided to give him gloves to match the boots =P

I need to do some more writing. For my comic thing I mean..

Okay I did something today I haven't done in a very long long time. I fell off my stool in class.

Today just started off all wrong... Dave scared the living daylights out of me when class started, as I walked over to turn on the lights, clicked them on (still talking to my friends) turned around and Dave was there and went "Boo!" and uhm.. yeah, I screamed, again, and had to leave the classroom cause the door was RIGHT there, and I was all shaky. Oh yeah, I'm brave alright.

So then I was sitting in my stool, and I always sit way far back on my stool, and... I fell. I'm not even totally sure how I DID that, but somehow I was no longer on my stool and I was on the ground. Very smooth, yes I am. Not.

So later, in fantasy and fairytale.. Don't I wind up on my ass AGAIN. And I'm still aching over that one.. Anyways, sitting around all bored like, ten minute break finally comes around and I decide to exit the classroom the back way, as it is clearly a faster route to get to Tims than the front exit. Sarah and I leave and kinda hover around waiting for Chris, who is waiting for Paul, who comes racing out of the classroom, who somehow trips over me, which knocks me off balance, and I WOULD have caught myself had I not been unbalanced from my bag of textbooks. I hit the ground very hard, and even now I'm in pain over it ><

Sigh, today was just a "Fall-On-Ass" day

My eyes are killing me, so I'm not going to stay on much longer. Too much computer exposure from that all-nighter I pulled the night before last. I don't plan to do one of those again any time soon.

Oh yeah, I'm finally making that appointment with the optometrist that mom suggested I look into like.. in october. I wasn't going to go, because I can't afford glasses even if I do wind up needing them (which I probably won't, because as far as I can tell I see clearly), but Andrea said I should go just so if it IS because of my eyes, I'll at least have an answer for these stupid headaches. Leah also told me I should go anyways, cause it never hurts, if there's a problem I'll save myself a lot of pain in the long run. Also if something is wrong, and I don't get glasses, I'm not allowed to complain about my headaches anymore ><

Yay, all prepped up to go to the docs and be told "YOU'RE A-OKAY! now go away,"

Right, eyes, stinging, computer exposure, gotcha.

I'm out, I'm too tired to do anything anyway.

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