Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Tada! This is Iston. I've left the blue lines on because... Well because i didn't add my nice lines yet, so he looks silly and flat when i remove the blue lines. So the blues will stay!

Okay, so this is my antagonistic character I created for a RP I am involved in, and this is the first.. decent picture I've made of him. I had others but uh.. yeah they were at home, so this is his NEW design!

This is what happens when I read about nasty Elves. I create one.

Pretty much, he's an Elf who wove together (with magic) the perfect human disguise, and he's been living as a human in the Vampire city of Knunoileh as a spy for the past three years. So long as he doesn't get bitten, no one will be the wiser. Truth? Nobody could deal with his cocky and whiny attitude so dumped him somewhere where he wouldn't bother them anymore.

He's GREAT with the mental magic, can work wonders when it comes to a persons m
ind. His disguise is basically just that, but.. you try hiding your scent from over sensitive Vampires. It ain't easy, so give him a couple points there X3

Okee... So I've already planned out an epic death for this guy, buuut I've revised it just the tiniest bit to leave it a little uncertain if he dies or not, just in case he turns out to b
e useful later on. No point in wasting a half decent character XD

Okay, so these guys on the right are Suka and Dailan (I changed the spelling to make th
e pronunciation a little more obvious) just.. chillin. So I realized in the last picture of Dailan I posted.. I totally forgot about his goatee D=>

I added it back in my sketchbook, but I am lacking the energy to change it for my blog

Alright, all is good!

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