Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Probably shouldn't be making a blog with my current mood, but hey, I'm looking for a distraction. Cute pictures and aimlessly wandering around DA can only work for so long.

So yeah, feelin' really crappy today and trying to work through it by rationalizing that I don't have a reason to be upset, but apparently I don't believe myself. At all. Joy.

Drew this picture on monday, figured Suka needed a new profile dealer thinger seeing as she's no longer infected and all healed up. Course, even though she doesn't wear bandages over her face anymore, she's accustomed to wearing her hair that way, so it's almost the same thing >< but you can see her face now.

I went back into the pale pink again, even though I changed it. Can't help it, pink just suits her. Green doesn't work x3 tried it. So pink or brown, I flew with the pink. And fruffles (yes, with an F) cause.. I don't know, because I said so.

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  1. yes, because you said so, the dictionary shall change the name.