Saturday, January 15, 2011


Because I LOVE plays on my name, har haaar.

Oh yay, now I get to explain all this...

Alright, jumping the board a bit late, but I always wanted to fill out one of these, so I got bored and did.

1. =SADCAT My biggest influence because she's my best friend and the first person I met when I came to Sheridan three years ago. She taught me how to ink, offers her advice on anything I ask for, keeps my anatomy in check, helped me gain confidence in what I drew, and still helps me to this day, every day. She also helps me stay sane.

2. `budgie The person responsible for me coming to Sheridan. Always there to offer a kick in the pants when I'm lost, offer advice when I'm stuck, and help me iron out problems when I need them. I envy her gorgeous paintings and strive for such beauty in my own work.

3. *dustsplat My friend for years, one of the first real artists I knew. I'm constantly blown away by his idea's, his world's and the depth and detail in his work. He used to help me puzzle out poses and would draw things to explain them for me; a huge influence in trying to get out of the anime style.

4. *patrickbrown I adore this artists expression work, and how dynamic everything he draws is. I want such dynamism in my own work, and nothing is more helpful or inspiring than his gallery.

5. *Blithegirl (I'm usually influenced by people on DA) The liveliness and emotion in her figures gets me every time. I hope one day my drawings will be as fluid.

6. Disney! Specifically 'Princess and the Frog' because after watching this movie my art took a turn in the direction of "Oh, I get it!"

7. The books I read and the worlds within. Garth Nix is one of my favourite authors, and his world in 'Sabriel', 'The Seventh Tower', and the 'Mister Monday' series are so vividly THERE I can see it in my mind like a movie.

8. Classical sculpture, specifically Bernini and Rodin. The life and the dimensionality is something I strive for in my 2D work.

9. My friends and the people in my life who inspire characters and character designs.

10. Chris Sanders, but this image really just represents "Curvy people". I'm a huge fan of curvy women who are proud of their appearance and don't try to hide under baggy clothing.

11. Spiderman! No artist in particular, just the character. The way he moves and twists and acts pops up whenever I'm thinking about characters and action poses.

12. Greek Mythology; this image represents any mythology I've ever read. I love Celtic mythology, Norse mythology, Greek mythology, Native mythology- big fan of stories, is what I'm saying.

13. The music I'm listening to. No genre in specific, just whatever I'm listening to. I close my eyes and see pictures when I listen to music, and I can come up with some pretty awesome idea's when I'm not fully conscious.

14. Yes, I'm one of the fifty million people who are influenced by Alphonse Mucha. His design work makes me happy, and his portrayal of female figures in flowing drapery make me happy. I'm also going to link this to 'Fashion' because I mentioned flowing drapery.

15. Movies and TV show's I watch. Not specifically TRON, but that's been the latest inspiration. I'm also influenced by Xena, and Star Trek, ah ha!

16. Light. Love light and I try my best to have dynamic lighting in my paintings. I admit I fail hardcore at this, but hey, I try.

17. I didn't really want to give this one a number, but otherwise no one would be able to find it... Sheridan, my school and second home. Inside I have dozens of friends who's slightest idea's and suggestions push me to try and to experiment and to grow as an artist. I'm also enrolled in Animation, and my teachers push me to go further and try harder.

There are other influences in my life that I didn't include on the map; another major one being *Chib-bee, and deviants *Sahara-chan and *Saria-Sama who helped me get serious about drawing in the first place. Thanks guys!

Sorry the maps kind of all over the place, I filled it in and then realized they didn't totally go in the order I filled them in, ah ha!

Annie-Fluence, yaaaay.


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