Tuesday, January 11, 2011

De-Resolution Pending

I don't draw fanart.

It's this thing I have with shame where I'm ashamed of the fanart I draw, haha, so I don't want to draw it or finish it or show anyone, in case they're all like, "Oh well, you did this wrong and this wrong and this wrong-"

And you know what, what EVER. Here, I present my fanart of TRON Legacy; and guess what? THE COSTUMES ARE SO NOT ACCURATE, LOLOLOL.

I also don't care, because I was having the time of my life.

I freaking love these new light suits; and I even managed to track down a TRON font available online. Light suits were completely my own design, I couldn't find a decent enough reference to figure out how Rinzler's body armour was put together, so I made it all up. The most accurate parts are the lights, but I'm missing a number of those too.

This definitely would have been an epic happenstance, and I could see it very clearly in my head. CLU gave me some complications, but I managed to tweak them into submission using photoshop. Some mist, some light, something to resemble the computerized Grid; and my personal favourite Gladiator.

Best line in the movie, haha, "I fight for the users".

Has anyone else realized TRON is a prophet and a religious martyr? I just clicked to that.

I promise, eventually I'll stop being obsessed with a crappy movie, but I really, really loved it that much. What can I say? Going to buy it when it comes out on DVD.



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