Thursday, January 13, 2011

Screw the Discs, Just run!

Yes, I'm still on the TRON funk.

Let a girl be.

This is a portrait of my friend Stephie, TRONified. She was enjoying my TRON postings, and so was I, so I gave it a whirl. Love this girl, she's a major inspiration in my design of Tinette- because I love drawing ladies with hips.

Also, both Tinette and Stephanie would not take anyone's shit laying down. Hellz no.

Steph recently attempted to dye her hair black, and I took the liberty of giving it a muse inspired design, again.

Now, where Steph would make an amazing Gladiator who could probably successfully defend herself, we turn around and immediately run into:


Who would not survive ten minutes on the grid without someone to save me.

Created this one as a new deviant ID on deviantart, and had fun with it. Used my personal favourite font, "Space Toaster" for my name, and the TRON font for everything else.

The TRON font has some pretty crazy bad numbers. Tried out something new on this one, trying to see how quickly I could pull this painting off; and it didn't take me very long. I scanned it, removed the white, coloured the lines, bucketed in the colours, added some highlights and shadows and grabbed a quick background from something I'd already painted.

It took a little over an hour to throw together, which pleased me greatly. I got progressively faster as I worked my way through these TRON portraits, and I think I may have actually learned something to apply to future attempts in painting, haha... ha.. ha..

Today wasn't the best. I had a great morning class, I met up with my friend Rose for lunch and we exchanged stories and she gave me tea, I drew some new pictures, I settled in for animation, I left early to meet my room mate at the vet--

I got there first, and my room mate caught up later with the actual patient. I'll just say the news wasn't very good, and I'm incredibly anxious for tomorrow and I'm afraid to fall asleep. I may not be going into class tomorrow, depending on how the baby is doing. Heads been hurting all day, but has really kicked up the past few hours; I can't think straight and I'm trying my damnest to do anything but think about it, which is why I'm afraid to fall asleep.

Pray for the kitty?



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