Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday's Hurt

This is a two way art piece...

My layout teacher recently lost his mother to cancer. His latest assignment was a request to draw a picture that demonstrated what "Mother" was, seriously, to each of us.

Also, Sarah and I just lost our pet cat today to FIP- and it was the most painful thing I've experienced in years.

Everything seems so trivial now...

This image has gone through a few stages- Originally it was supposed to be me, crouched on the ground in the rain, and mom was supposed to be standing over me with an umbrella. It was building off a past memory of when I lost my job, and mom took me shopping to make me feel better about failing in my endeavors.

It then changed to me crouching in the rain, sobbing, with mom behind me holding a blanket over my head, playing on "Mom is my blanket", still relating back to that one memory of mom taking the pain away when I'd lost my job.

After the events of this morning, my idea changed again. Sarah's mom came with us to take Elmer for his final vet visit. I cried, and I cried, and I came home and I clutched my pig tightly and I lay in bed, not wanting to do anything. I wanted my mom, and I wanted my dad. Last time I lost a pet, they were both there for me- and it's so funny that in a room full of people, I've never felt so alone.

This is an homage to both my mom, my dad, and a little kitten, who I will never, ever forget.



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  1. This piece is really beautiful, Annie. Done very well.