Monday, January 24, 2011

Sheridan Trading Cards

Happy early Birthday to my bestest buddy evar. I bet you can't guess who that is. Basically bust up shots of Sarah, Chelsea and myself, played off like it's some sort of awesome Sheridan trading card game.

Fake Japanese symbol is fake.

They were a lot of fun to do.

The full busts, as I cropped out quite a bit when I fit them to the cards.

I don't normally draw people I know because I'm really bad at characterizing, and I don't like to run the risk of offending anyone.

My room mate is really pretty, so I tried hard to make sure I kept the integrity of her features, not hide her eyes- and of course, got the eye colour all wrong.

ME I'm damn good at drawing, because I draw me all the time, with the fat cheeks and big nose.

Chelsea gave me a bit of problem- I drew her with a derp look on her face, and I was like, "Aw damn, I'm totally skipping all of her nice features and making her look retarded." I hope she can forgive me for that. She's much prettier IRL, I promise.

HOWEVER, her spirit is there!! Chelsea's patronus would be that of a seal.

I drew Sarah's birthday out over a matter of days, haha. Cupcakes thursday, hat on saturday, trading cards today- and now I have nothing to give her on her actual birthday tomorrow.

I'm so lame.




  1. Fartaliooooons! Can we call Chelsea that from now on?

  2. Yes!!! Yes, I highly encourage this! 8D

    @Chelsea It's only because I love you.

  3. I LUBBED ALL MY PRESENTS. Helped to make a crummy week that much brighter. <3

  4. I'm glad I managed to brighten up your week =]

  5. I think the good thing is when I looked at your post I was like "heyyyy that looks like Chelsea... OH IT IS!" So at least eve though you think you drew her with a derp going on I still recognize it's her! So kudos for likeness... wait k hold on i'm not saying she's derpy lol I just think you still were able to illustrate her... bahhh you know what I mean!