Monday, February 7, 2011

Rush Rush Rush!

Okay so it's kinda late, and I'm kinda tired, and I really should go to bed before I have to wake up at nine for class. I finished my homework!! Yaaay!! So this is my layout assignment-- and I just realized that I'm again posting my homework, despite the fact that I don't normally post school work. Le sigh.

This one however is a work in progress for myself; that I intend to paint and render completely, so I don't mind sharing.

I like my layout class! I always wind up drawing something I actually like, even though this particular assignment has like, no layout in it at all. To the right I have the various layers I used to put this assignment together, moving from back to front.

I added some colour to the furthest back layer, just to add some visual interest and so I wouldn't have a blank BG layer. When I finish painting it, she'll be back lit from behind and it will be epic.

The snakes gave me a run for my money, I almost put them all on separate layers until I realized that wouldn't make much sense, due to the overlapping pattern of the snakes. Instead they have to be on the same layer as Zephira- else it wouldn't work.

Oh yeah, I named Sherry's mother, could you tell? She's Zephira.

I also named his sisters; Melantho (Mel, for short) and Admete, which I can't pronounce. Sherlock's name seems so out of place now...

I wanted to play with these series of pictures to give the wrong impression, haha! I think I did okay. In a series you'd think it was a boy being attacked by a snake, but zoom out and OH NO, it's Sherlock, being attacked by his terrifying full gorgon mother, Zephira!

Damn you Zephira, you bitch.

I think it is time I went to bed for the night.




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