Monday, February 7, 2011

Vampires and Hips

I spent a lot of today drawing.

And crying.

Curse you, painting.

Seriously, I don't understand what drive there is to get any better when my marks don't improve when I do.

To the right! Dr Verden, my vampire doctor. He's somewhere over three thousand years old- but he lost count a long time ago. He had a last name once, but he can't remember it. He had a wife and children, but he can't remember them. He's forgotten what most emotions feel like, but over the millenia he's still maintained a shred of good humour.

Basically, in order to spare his sanity, Verden writes everything down in his journals; every minute detail of every day, fleshed out with drawings and sketches and tucked away on a shelf in his study. He can never completely forget, because all it takes to bring back his memories is to read the appropriate journal entry- but Verden hasn't opened himself up to that in years. He thinks it's better to let the past remain preserved between the pages of his journals instead of clouding up his mind at present.

I have a massive crush on Verden; but it took a long time before I could get his design down. Every time I thought of him I kept picturing him with a cane- he already had bad eyesight, but the image of a cane and a bad hip kept coming to me every time I tried to visualize him.

So I caved and gave him the bad hip. He's virtually a reincarnation of an older character of mine named Viktor- an eight hundred something year old chap who fell in love with a girl from another world. Verden's less creepy. Also, he's a doctor! He's sweet and makes me happy.

Kara! Still working on Fray's GF in GoM. Though technically she's together and tight with Ainmire, this is for a story.

I've also been working on her design for lord knows how long. She's supposed to be soft, but I was never quite getting that from her- I think I kept trying to make her too thin. Too athletic.

So, today, I went with the "rounder is better!" Mantra- and I think I got her. Kara's not thin- but she takes good care of her body, and she's beautiful. I think heavier people should be proud of their beauty; I certainly think it's lovely.

I kept running into the problem that I was shaping her too much like Tina, I suppose. Tinette is very sharp; she's got big hips and big boobs, but a narrow waist and a flat stomach. She's also got very sharp features- a small nose, angular eyes and a pointed chin. Kara's the opposite; Big thighs, big hips, lots of squish, and she's got a large nose, round eyes and rounded features. They're so opposite it's hilarious...

Anyways, I plan to ink this and colour it for GoM. I also have to draw Tina and Suka.

I did another impromptu art trade with Neilizza and this time I got to draw her GLORIOUSLY HIPPY captain character. I have no idea what her name is. But it was fun!

I got Verden in exchange!

Luffers the vampire.



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  1. I don't mean to sound mean but kara sorta looks pregnant just a little