Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Many Beautiful Drawings!!

Haha, I have so many pictures to post today, I don't know where to start! I usually try to keep on top of things, but I've been doing awful lately.

I've landed myself in a class where the instant someone get's bored it turns into "Do an art trade with me!" So I've been drawing and sketching and handing things out like mad and getting plenty of drawings in return!

It's fun.

It's also an exercise in drawing characters and people I don't know very well, which is great for commission work. Speaking of commissions, I gotta finish those anime girls...

Anyways! First up, some Tina. I'm also trying very hard to convince people to draw Tinette with their characters, but as it turns out all of my friends fear Tinette's wrath and wouldn't wish her unholy rage on any of their characters.

Oh come on, she get's along fine with Fray!

Psht, pussies.

I like seeing Tinette drawn by others! And besides, the only person she's ever actively beaten on was Lucas, and that has something to do with the fact that he shot her with a flintlock rifle. I'd beat on him too.

This particular drawing of Tina was drawn by Neilizza, a couple of days ago.

Next up, my baby Yukio, drawn by Stacy! Yukio doesn't get a lot of love. He's rather stupid and doesn't understand just about everything, but he's a sweetie at heart. If you can reach that heart.

He's changed a lot since his initial invention years ago- but his design is still very similar.

I just learned how to explain it better.

Kara get's some loving! Some loving not directly related to a particular cockney accented red-head or a kilt sportin' sexy man.

Just general fan love.

Kara get's appreciated because she isn't a skinny little twig; but I apparently gave Amanda a difficult time because Kara is an "in-betweener". She's not too skinny, or too fat, but is what normal people are supposed to look like.


I like Kara for that reason.

She's round and squishy and soft.

What's this? Some more straight up Kara.

Dalton drew this picture for me; he's got a really good, very cartoon network style, and I was thrilled he came over to join in all of our art trade fun!

Unfortunately I can't link to his blog or gallery, because I'm not sure where to find it. Tear.

Dalton's been working at drawing all of us in his style since last semester. I got the chance to lurk his sketchbook today, and we had a Star Trek vs Star Wars debate.

He actually doesn't like TNG-


I love TNG...

Whoops, I totally forgot to whiten the paper on this one-

Sarah drew this for me yesterday to celebrate Valentines. I came out of my shower and walked right past it and didn't notice till I sat down at my desk- and I found it hilarious.

They really don't make any sense, but somehow or another, angry plus angry equals harmony.

Or maybe just some really loud sex, I don't want to know.

The point is, they're 'getting along' and I really don't want to upset that balance because HEY, Tinette has a BOYFRIEND again, what is this nonsense?!

It's confusing. I'll leave it at that.

I love Leah's art. I suggested an art trade with her a little while ago, because even though I had portfolio's I was storing art in that people had given me, I only had two pictures from Leah. One was a disturbing pin up Suka, while the other was Tinette, inside of a spiral bound sketchbook.

She agreed, and I got the chance to draw GG. When I drew GG, I didn't have any reference, so I had to make it all up from my head- so when Leah was drawing Tinette, even though I offered her reference she refused, wanting to draw Tina from her head like I'd done for GG.

Tinette looks gorgeous and sexy; just sayin'.

These are some doodles from Chelsea's sketchbook! It's Suka, in purple, Sherry, and Sarah's character Asher.

Chelsea always loves my sweet and innocent characters, and then get's all heartbroken and upset when she realizes I plan to end their lives.

It's alright Chelsea, it's not too late for me to change my mind. Who knows, I just might.

The question is, would I be being crueler or no?

Dun dun dun.

And a final picture to close the day, something drawn by me, as my art blog needs a post from me- this is just a doodle I made after trying and struggling to draw an under weight Suka for the better part of lecture.

I am awful at drawing skinny people, yet my main character has an anxiety disorder and doesn't eat enough because she can't keep food down if she's feeling any kind of negative emotion, and she worries a lot.

I'm so smart.

Apparently I annoy my classmates because I draw myself too fat and always exaggerate my weight.

Man, I finally thought I'd gotten to the point where I could draw myself fairly.

Oh well. Going to finish this one up with some super fast colours so I can upload it as my new deviant ID. I probably shouldn't scream in Suka's face- I might give her a heart attack and she'll die.

Thank you everybody for all the beautiful artwork, I really appreciate it all!!!