Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines!!

Everyone's hating on Valentines big this year, so I felt the need to step up and defend it.

I don't really do anything on Valentines; I wake up, I go about my day, I go to bed. Today while in class, I decided I wanted to design a Valentines day card. Hater's gonna hate, but I figured I'd try to be positive about another Monday!

I couldn't figure out what I wanted to draw. Initially, I wanted to draw myself hugging my significant- and then I remembered I didn't have a boyfriend. Hm, that posed complications. I could pick a fictional character, but my favourite characters aren't much ones to provide amusement if I was to tackle them and hug them tightly.

After that, I supposed I could hug one of my characters! After all, I have a couple characters who would be very unhappy to be hugged- mostly being Ainmire and Sherry. Sherlock is horribly bashful around girls, so I decided to use him! And then I realized that no, I couldn't terrify the poor boy enough, and decided to make it funnier by including Chelsea. Chelsea loves Sherlock very much, despite the fact that it's similar to having a crush on my little brother. Ew.

I thought I should step in and try to spare poor Sherry- and that's where this came from. Bad Chelsea! No jail bait for you!

After I turned around and made a Valentines card that was directed to one of my friends, I decided to keep going.

The next person I wanted to make a card for was Sarah, where I ran through a couple options over the course of five seconds. I already drew a Valentines picture last month that summarized two of the more hilarious relationships I could have drawn for a card, so I considered something cute. My brain instantly filtered out Sue and Chase, as well as Suka and Chase, and my head went *click* when I realized I could draw Laurent and Ninja.

After all, Valentines is a celebration of love of all kinds; Not necessarily romantic love.

Plus this held more true to the picture I wanted to draw initially, though in my initial planning stages, Ninja was supposed to be wrapped tightly around Laurent, and Laurent was supposed to be trying very hard to pull her off. Until I realized he probably wouldn't want to touch her.

It turned into this!

Happy Valentines, SAD, half-price chocolate eve, or just happy Monday!



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