Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Not Doing What I'm Supposed to be Doing

Yes yes, I'm supposed to be working on my comic page, and I've supposed to have been doing that all day, but instead I did some writing and I drew this.

I invented him around the same time I invented Ainmire and Sherlock- but like Sherlock, he was dormant for a number of years.

Mostly because he was just a vague idea with phenomenal god powers, and I never worked out his exact personality.

I still haven't, but here's a really fast doodle of his concept!

I'm going to be using him RP style before too long. Yay!

Also, today, I got a very special gift from a very special friend of mine.

Crin made this for my birthday! and I got all excited and went SQUEEEE!!! When I received it.

Because I love Corrin's light hearted artwork and I love my baby boy, and it was just too sweet.

Thank you so much Corrin!

Also, happy fathers day, I hope you all called your dads and let them know how much they mean to you!



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