Monday, June 20, 2011

Pirates? It's been a while.

Man, I haven't done anything with pirates in years.

I'm not sure why, I love pirates. Of the real variety.

I started a new RP today. Cause I do that a lot now-a-days.

I ran with the usual suspects; Tinette, Ain, Ninja- and I wanted to use Suka. Of course I run into the whole "spineless" issue whenever it comes to Suka. She's difficult to adapt, unlike my other characters.

So, I thought back to Suka's initial creation, back when she actually HAD a backbone. Proto-Suka was a much stronger character, but I didn't use her because I felt she didn't have as much room for growth as Suka now.

However, in this case, she was what I needed. So, I pulled up a sketch I made last summer, and I decided to try again.

Proto-Suka was pretty fun; she had a spine, she took down a lot of various demons, and rarely fought with a weapon because she preferred to go at it hand to hand style with her bad-ass claw.

Yes, Proto-Suka fought like a bloody animal.

And she ripped everything apart.

I'm so excited about this.



P.S. No, I didn't finish my page. Again.

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