Sunday, June 26, 2011


More pirates!! Because you know, you can never have too many pirates.

Okay, I actually only have one pirate here, and that would be Ain, in the kilt. And he's actually not totally a pirate, he's a privateer, so you know, it's different, even though I don't know who has him for hire.

It's been too long since I painted something for myself. And it's been way too long since I drew Ain, considering how much I love him to bits.

The original drawing of this had a very tiny kilt, but I had to fix it when I realized how short it was when colouring, and came to the awkward conclusion that his penis would fall out if he stood up.

So, longer kilt!

I also drew Tinette, for the same RP. She's not a pirate, unfortunately, as awesome as that would be, she's an heiress, true to her original story, and she's been kidnapped so that Irwin may find a way to her fortune by reading her mind.

Irwin is going to find himself punched in the face.

I'm sure he's slowly growing used to that. It has happened many times by now.

I put "SPACE PIRATES" On all of my drawings today because I could.

Also, I updated my comic. The new page will be going up at midnight. Yay!



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