Monday, June 27, 2011


I decided to include Ninja in my current line up. She's pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself.

I forgot how tiny she was though, and dressing her up in loose baggy clothes ended with her just looking like a little boy.

That's okay though, it's basically the thing I was going for anyways.

She's not a pirate also, she's a stowaway who scrambled aboard Tinette's ship on impulse, and now she's stuck with everyone else on the Lucky Shrew.

My teeth are getting better, I'm getting closer to solid foods though I had to eat super slow and I was starting to get pain in my gums towards the end of my dinner and had to stop.

I switched back to applesauce for that.

Tomorrow I'm off to the movies with most of the FM crew, and I'm super excited!!

Today was also the first day of our new work regime. It was pretty fun, haha, even if it was a lot of hard work. I left feeling I'd done a good job; Accomplished. It will be difficult to adjust to, and I'm going to miss working with whoever I'm not working with, but that's alright, we're still working together.



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