Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Many Small Drawings

Okay. Haha, oh boy, I have been busy- but not really.

A lot of sketch dumps for everyone, but not a lot of finished art!

Shall I list? Alright, I shall list.

1. Number one, Alan doodle, trying to get the physics of his legs down in my brain. I need to redesign him, but I'm having a difficult time as I'm incredibly fond of his current design.

2. Proto-Suka! I'm having much fun with her because she wears a lot of clothes that current Suka would never dream of wearing. Also, I hate it when I draw a figure I really really like, and then cover it with clothes. I gave Suka something a little more risque because I didn't want to hide her under the night dress I was going to give her originally!

3. Scribble of Ain in some winter gear, no face.

4. Baeddan and Ainmire! I drew Ain WAY too large for his pig, haha, my fault. Pigs are the only animal I'm capable of drawing, it seems.

5. This was supposed to be Tinette in an African inspired outfit, but I gotta say, it wound up looking nothing like her at all. I still like it though.

6 Some OOC Ainmire and Kara! Ain't they adorable?

7. Proto-Suka, when she got her arm chopped off. I imagine it hurt a lot.

8. An unfinished, nuddy Ninja sketch.

9. Tinette and her mother, even though her mother is dead long before Tinette reaches this stage in her life.

10. Pirate Suka is a pirate!!

11. Phineas and Tinette don't get along. There's a ghost Jorn holding Tinette back, but I haven't finished drawing him yet.

12. Ainmire trying to get Kara to understand something very important.

13. Ninja and her feathered/scaled friend Hubert!

14. I was in a Shakespeare mood, so I drew Tinette as lady Macbeth. It was killer fun.

15. Me back to back with my twin/OC who I don't understand despite looking the same as she does.

Haha! Okay, that was fun.



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