Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Squat Designs

Today while in layout class, I wanted to draw a new ID picture of me freaking out and exclaiming "WALNUTS!"

There's a story for that, I promise you.

So, I started sketching, but I didn't like how it was turning out. It was too generic, and exactly what I always drew. That being the case, I erased it, and tried my hand at some stylization instead.

It was far, far more fun. After that, I drew another one. Thin arms, squat torso, huge hips, huge thighs, tiny ankles tiny feet, tiny hands.

I liked this style I was playing with! So I opted to draw couple of other characters, one being Ninja, and the other being Tina. Tinette was super easy in this style, I had a lot of fun drawing her. Ninja was a lot more difficult, because she's so very very thin. I think I did okay though.

I think I might use this sort of style for my lift and toss assignment, when I design that character.

Fun times!



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