Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finally, Happy Valentines!!

It's close enough to Valentines. I'm going to test this nifty "Post Time" and see if this will update itself tomorrow morning.

So! The first Valentine I drew, featuring Jessica's character Phineas and my character Suka.

I may have spent a week writing their entire back story and I find them ridiculously adorable and so very unfortunately broken up.

Aw, man!

I'll make myself feel better.

Sarah has lucked out every year, and she has not gotten a cute Valentine from me yet. I think I hit a nice middle ground this year.

We decided that we thought it'd be cute if Montague and Tinette were actually a pair, and had a relationship that functioned a lot like the one between Jordan and Dr Cox on Scrubs.

In other words, completely defunct.

I had a lot of fun drawing it.

Naysayers. I thwart them.

Love you anyways, mum.



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