Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Year

I'm posting this because I promised myself I wouldn't draw any new pictures until I was done my frame quota for the day.

It's killing me.

Anyways, another year, you can find previous years linked through here.

Once again I didn't necessarily choose "the best of" each month, but went instead with ones where I felt like I learned something.

January was a month where anyone looking at my sketchbook would assume I am a very lonely individual, as I was practicing drawing kisses, and by jove, I think I've got it!

February is when I finally got a cut out style down that was super fast, easy, and looked nice. It was faster than my previous method, and didn't require an inked linework to start with, or hours and hours of clicking around with the pen tool.

March is a layout I did, to add to my demo reel. I like it, actually, quite a lot. It was one of the first times I tried a more drawn out layout to tell a story, and after this success, I think I'd try again.

April! I drew Rin. I was pretty happy with the way she came out, and everything about her body and pose worked for me, and I felt like Rin was saying what I wanted her to say. It was also the first time I played with some custom brushes to build my own star field instead of using a stock image from google.

May, the re-invention of an old friend that turned out far better than I could have expected. Go Yukio!

June, where I was doing a series of Avatar TLA portraits for my friends, and I wanted to try a different kind of lineless with gradients. I really liked it.

July, when I went to Imaginism studios and spent three days painting apples. That's right, I rendered that apple all by myself! Not only that, the original tonal was done in half an hour with some colours added underneath.

August, the rendering continues, this time in a project we got to pick for ourselves. I went with an eel instead of a snake, to make my life that much easier.

September, I revisited an old picture I hadn't looked at since 2007. I could remember my original intentions for the drawing, and could incorporate it into the new sketch.

October, back to the rendering I learned while away at my workshop. I had to stop painting this piece, because she was starting to scare me.

November, the first fully rendered piece I finished since parting ways with the friends I made at Imaginism Studios. I miss that place of education with all my heart, but I am glad for what I brought away with me.

December, a drawing I once again revisited, though this time entirely by accident. I found a character, and also noticed how much my work has grown over two years.

Onward, with life and art!



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