Friday, March 8, 2013

Left and Right is Hard

I drew this today for a friend who was feeling kinda blue.

I started this, and I worked on it for about an hour an a half until I was finished- and then I realized, "Oh jeeze, I just painted this entire thing without saving, I better do that," and tapped Ctrl+S.

The dialogue box  opened, and I was in the wrong folder, so I was finding my way back in the directory- and the power flicked.

I lost everything. I didn't even save a copy of the sketch.

Well, I threw a right tantrum, and screamed and cussed and cried under my blankets at my terrible luck over the past week, and then between sobs I heated up some soup in the microwave.

Then I decided to commit suicide via ice cream. Oh man, ice cream is so delicious, how can I not be allowed to eat that anymore? I don't know, I ate it anyways.

And then for whatever reason, I opened photoshop again and started painting it from scratch, because I'm apparently a sucker for punishment.

Fortunately this time I saved a million times, and managed to complete the picture, though I'm convinced my first version was cuter.

It baffles me that a program like Word has document recovery, something as ridiculous to use as Flipbook has document recovery, but Adobe Photoshop CS5.5, that runs for thousands of dollars retail, does not.

What the heck Adobe, get with the program.

Anyways, just some cute art of Shaari and Sherry, who are actually in a pose I always meant to draw Ninja and Sherlock in, and then gave to Shaari for some reason... oops?



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