Sunday, March 10, 2013

Passing the time with Sketches

 Because I've stopped spending my spare time lurking the internet, I have certainly been doing a lot more drawing, though I haven't really settled on any ideas I want to take to finish.

Today, I was doing sketches of Sherry and Ninja at different stages in their lives.

This is Sherlock and Ninja shortly after they first met; Ninja was eighteen and Sherry was- two. Ninja was still carrying around a lot of baggage, still blaming herself for the mistakes of her past, and she'd picked up a nasty habit of smoking and was even more reckless with her life than she ever had been previously. It's almost like she didn't care anymore.

This is the Ninja Sherlock fell and love with, and this is the Ninja Sherlock stuck to his entire life.

I also drew a companion picture of Ninja to go with the older picture I'd drawn of Sherlock. I'm not sure how old the two of them are in this picture, but I'm guessing Ninja is maybe a hundred and ten, a hundred and fifty? So Sherlock would be ninety five or a hundred and thirty five? Somewhere in there, Ninja doesn't physically age much past this point. Sherlock doesn't either, but he does get more weathered in appearance than his wife does.

Hoooray, doodles doodles doodles!



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