Thursday, April 11, 2013

Post Rise

I realized during the screening of the fourth year films that not a single one of my characters fights with a hammer.

I decided that was a grievous oversight on my part.

Now Ninja has a hammer! Unfortunately it's not a very good weapon for Rise, because Rise is a very cramped city with little swing room, and Ninja wasn't built to swing around a great giant two handed war hammer like I like to swing around in Guild Wars.

This painting was so much fun.

Post-Rise, it seems Ninja and Sherry can't catch a break, even after leaving the city to find a place to settle down.

Some time after this they settle down and have a family, I'm sure. Ninja is the fighter in the family, while Sherlock makes it his duty to protect his hot-headed wife from danger, while participating in actual violence as little as possible.

I couldn't give Ninja strictly melee weapons, seeing as she exists in a world where advanced technology does exist, but the two of them did their best to separate themselves from that, and to move some where a little more behind the times.



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