Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jessimage and Palidannie

I drew these a few days ago following a conversation Jessica and I had. I was talking about how it'd be fun to live in the world of Harry Potter, but that I wouldn't like that all of my magic use would depend on the use of a wand- and how easily I would lose this wand and be unable to use any magic.

Jessica suggested mages, instead of wizards. I thought it was a great idea, except I'd make a terrible mage. Jessica suggested I'd make a good paladin, with a hammer and a sheild.

I decided I had to draw these things, so I did.

Took me a while, but tadaaa! As usual, just design elements for a background, because I haven't the patience to build a layout for most of my doodles.

Also I built a new portfolio. Please check it out at AnnieMation!



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  1. Like it!! I recognize that hair and blue buttons anywhere...enjoyed the portfolio