Monday, March 30, 2009

Artist Resolutions, bit on the late side.

So... these artist resolutions are a bit late coming in the year, but I figure I might as well go ahead and post them now.

Things are a bit different now than they were in January, after all--

So anyways,

Suka's top five art goals for the 09/10 year

1. Get into Animation. So like I've already let everyone know, I didn't make it into animation. I don't completely think it's justified, but hey, life ain't fair and there's always some reason in the future I'll be glad for later. At least, that's what I'm banking on.

2. Work on hands. Pretty weak area on my portfolio submission were my hands, which was a bit of a blow because I love drawing hands and think I do a pretty decent job of them.

3. Learn to draw animals. Second weak area in my portfolio. Everything else was pretty good, but this wasn't.

4. Learn to ink traditionally. Gotta get away from the pen tool at some point or another!

5. Find a system of digital painting I like. Still not happy with the way I paint, so I need to work on that. Want to learn cell shading, all that fun stuff.

And just an add on that kinda goes with learning to ink, is learn to work line weights to my advantage. Something to add a bit more interest to my drawings, and hopefully help me out next year.

Since I didn't make it this year.. I'm going to haul ass, keep my grades up, score myself some decent bursaries, scholarships, whatever, practice like an idiot, draw till my fingers go numb and fall off... Okay maybe not that far, but draw until I can't anymore,

and I'm going to get into animation next year with a drop dead amazing portfolio.

I'll show life what fair is >[ Just you wait.

I'm not about to give up, even though it means I've got to do it on my own.


  1. I am very proud of you Annie!!! GO ANNIE GO! Never give up!

  2. I'm extremely proud of you Annie! You can do it and you'll kick ass at it too!
    Keep your head up and never say no!