Saturday, March 7, 2009

My own personal.... Serial killer?

WEE!!! Okay so this is a process picture of the mask I'm working on for my 3d design class. Pretty much, we had to take a human frailty and then design a bit of armour to protect against that human frailty.

I didn't Exactly focus on a frailty, i more tried to make it how I feel when I'm at home. Its a very snug fit, almost claustrophobic (Especially now that its shrunk a wee bit), there's no actual expression on it, and the mouth is covered (I can sound like Darthvader when I breathe), because when I come home, I'm afraid to really say anything cause it always comes out wrong and ends badly. It's also something I figured represents the lack of creativity I feel while I'm here.

Feels like I'm smooshed between the pages of a book. I gave it large bat-like ears to represent that I really have to learn to listen (i.e. think) before I speak, and the fact that really all I'm ever expected to do is sit around, listen and do what I'm told. Gave it some fishy/spike dealys kinda like a lionfish just for an added element of needing to look more threatening/bigger as a defense mechanism. Gonna add some fun textures to represent the want to blend in/melt away, another defense mechanism.

I'm obviously not going to say that to the class XD Going to invent some kinda frailty. Gotta think about that =P But yeah, I'm almost finished covering it, then I can start putting in the details and having fun there.

My eyes are driving me insane, and I don't know if its from the constantly testing to see if my mask still fits and having it just that tiny bit too close to my eyes, or some kind of strain from the computer, which is silly because I really haven't been on the computer that long today ><

Anyways, gotta get back to work, and the brother wants to borrow my WoW.

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