Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rabumbumbum, commissions!

And tada, I finished my Revolutionary Girl Utena commission. I know nothing about the show, but hey, here ya go.

On an unrelated note; my printer completely butchered these colours. My CRT, which has been matched up to my printer output, is much nicer. The green's are much darker, as are the purples. That.. green, on my CRT, is a very dark dark dark navy blue. As is her jacket--- I think my LCD might be massively over exaggerating everything...

Today has been an adventure in computers!! I upgraded to windows seven last night, and my computer patiently waited until Sarah's dad left before throwing in the towel and telling me everything went wrong.

I've been on remote assistance since this morning as Sarah's dad tried to restore my profile. And he has! And I am back.

Come next week he has more he wants to do to my computer, but this is alright for now.

I'm kinda sleepy.



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