Friday, February 11, 2011

Step Away from the Curtains

Man, I hate painting curtains. I don't know why I keep doing this to myself, but it's always near curtains.

I finished painting Tina on my CRT and I uploaded her to deviantart- and it was at that point I realized Tinette was horrifically purple. The colours aren't as painful on my CRT, which is matched up to whatever comes out of my printer, so that's alright, I guess, but I was hoping to make some sort of happy balance; too bad I didn't save the PSD at a point where I'd painted the background.

None the less, I had a lot of fun drawing this.

I realized Kara and Tina are off by one inch and five pounds; so I guess in essence, they're the same BMI.

Actually, I just ran a calculation and they have the EXACT SAME BMI. Oops. Tinette just gets more in her boobs and hips, while Kara's a little more evenly balanced. I imagine Tinette is heavier than I give her credit for; she's probably pushing the realm of 180 or 190; she is a dancer after all, they have some wicked toning going on to add to all them hippage.

I had a real run at the colours- I couldn't decide which to use. I personally find Tinette suits red better- but the green colour scheme appealed to me in the first place (hence why there are so many versions of it) and it seemed that everyone I showed it to love the green- though Leah said red was a sexy colour, but wasn't digging the purple.

Ah well, I was trying to steer clear of the reds because this wasn't an outfit Tinette chose for herself; it just so happened that Garrett magically changed her outfit without her realizing it. I tried pastels first, to try the whole fae colour scheme of soft and gentle looking- but nothing suits Tinette worse than pastels. Gross.

Here she is! With her glass of fine wine and a lovely outfit and apparently floating in mid air because I didn't bother to draw her back leg. Tinette will snap your fingers. Or ignore you. Depending on what you do to provoke her.

I've been working on her race in the back of my head, even though I won't be delving into it at all in my story. I've decided demons are a very cultural race; everything follows strict rules and traditional ceremony. There are cultural greetings specific to who they are, and there are stories and folklore that they build their lives out of. Tinette is of the younger generation who reject this- but that's mostly because she got betrayed and shot and hates everything about her people. She still pays her respects to the god and the goddess- but in a very casual way.



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