Monday, March 14, 2011

Are You Ready For This?

Secret: I'm not.

Ever since I started drawing way back iiiin... when I was little, I always wanted to make a comic.

I never did. Because it was too much work, and I'm as lazy as a pile of fish bones. However, the other day, I came across an old sketchbook of mine with a few drawn pages in it. I thought, "You know, I should really try that again." and so I bought another mini sketchbook, plastered a piece of tape on it, scribbled "Rise" on it in marker, and- booted up my PC and started typing.

I never liked the idea of planning things, but at the same time I never liked the idea of just diving in and going at it. Doing things without thinking is usually my downfall, so I kept putting it off. Until yesterday; where I wrote out ten pages worth of... well, pages. I scribbled out some page layouts- and I tried actually drawing it. On full sized paper. I decided my lazy-man's method of "smaller sketchbook" wasn't going to cut it. After drawing, I actually sucked it up and inked. After that, I decided, "Why the hell not-" and kept barreling right on through till I finished painting it.

Will this be a consistent thing? Ha, when am I ever consistent? But, I'm pleased with myself, as this is probably the furthest I've ever gotten. I've had scribbles, I've had... more scribbles, and I've had the beginnings of novels- but never a full, inked and coloured page.

Kudos to me.

The only think I'm not too keen of- when it comes to comics, is that it also requires a huge amount of dedication. Not that they aren't my children, and I don't love them to death- but there are other things that matter to me, and I don't want to brush them off because of one project. I write, I draw random things- I hang out with friends- it's all in good fun, yeah?

Not to mention I'm very self conscious with my artwork, especially when people I know are doing the same thing and all I can ever think about is how awful I've done or.. or... etc.

Ah, right, page- This is the introduction to Rise. A story of a girl and her brother/guardian. I haven't really decided on a style yet- or anything, really, but, what ever, I figured it was time to try doing something.



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