Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've Been Drowning Lately

I've had a ridiculous homework load these past few weeks, and I don't know how I'm supposed to keep up with it all. It's okay though, it's Wednesday, so I'm almost through the worst of the week and just coming onto the weekend...

Where it can start all over again for next week.


Yesterday, after finishing the character design I couldn't do the night before because my wrist tanked, and after finishing all but three of my story boards for that day, I got to Character Design class and I decided I was going to spend the day drawing things that I liked to draw.

So I drew Kara. I love Kara a lot, she's very kind and warm, and I miss her and don't get to draw her a lot. I showed her to my friends, and the first thing I was asked was if she got chubbier. And then why.

Put it this way; I don't draw her a lot, she's still under development, and the idea behind her is that she's supposed to look round, soft and perfectly comfortable with who she is.

And that is why I find her so appealing as a character.

She's my character, I don't have to explain myself.

Next, I drew the complete opposite, and decided to draw Suka, sans metal arm.

Suka is the complete opposite of everything I love to draw, and she presents a number of challenges whenever I try to draw her. I have a serious issue with a lack of shape when I'm drawing thin people, and I try so hard to get curves into their frame that would essentially be straight lines, up and down.

At the very least I think I've gotten Suka to the point where I'm not just drawing straight up and down. Granted, she's not soft like Kara, but she's also not sharp like Tina, so I can live with that.

Suka doesn't have very good child bearing hips.

She's just this tiny little waif of a thing because she either 1.) Can't afford food, or 2.) spends far too much time worrying and being anxious/afraid to put on any weight.

Why are both my main characters these tiny little sticks?

Sticks. I can't draw them.

I am off to tackle that mountain of homework I have to do today!



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  1. Not you're usual upbeat self...even Kara shows melancholy and not perfectly comfortable with who she is. Even the curling of her hair to me is showing a sense of nervousness. Your mood is definitely coming through your character. Hope you dig out soon and come back to your positive self. I really like the drawing but I just think that I'm reading her differently that you are.