Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scant Collection

I haven't has as much time to draw lately as I wish I did, haha. Too much school, too much homework. I'm still writing though, so I'm keeping my creative brain busy.

Here's a drawing of Sherlock I made for Chelsea a few weeks ago while she was having a rough day. I gave him a little bit of a chin. He looks eighteen now.

Instead of sixteen.

Chelsea was happy.

That day, I'd decided I wanted to draw Sherry and Ninja, because I love them so much. So, in the afternoon class, I started to draw the couple of them.

It took me a while to find the time, but I eventually finished!

See? I'm not unfair to all of my characters. Just most of them.

So here, some Sherry and Ninja, havin' a moment.

For halloween this year, I dressed up as the doctor, from doctor who, and Leah was my companion.

We traveled all of space and time together and returned the same day we left! It is the advantage of having a TARDIS.

Later that night, I did up my makeup so I looked like a sugar skull for Day of the Dead.

It was a pretty kickin' halloween.

And a doodle of Alan and Rebel, just from my sketchbook.

I realized that even though Alan is Spanish, the goat I based his satyr appearance off of happens to be native to North America.

Oh well, it's a fantasy story.

And FINALLY working on getting some refined designs for the metal prosthetic one of my OC's has essentially drilled into her arm.

I gotta say, I'm having a ball coming up with all these designs and drawings.

Working out the mechanics is killing me though, haha! I'm sure there's a metal skeleton in there somewhere that holds it all together.

And hooray! All the work I have done lately.

I know, it isn't very much, I'm sad too.



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