Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beauty is a Tool

I drew this several months back, but I never finished it because I was going to harass someone else to do the inking, and then forgot about it. I still liked it, so I decided to colour it, before I get going on other things I want to do today.

Namely cleaning my room.

And having a shower.

Anyways. I went through several pages of quotes, looking for something I felt like Tinette would say, but I couldn't find anything that really clicked. The closest was "Vanity is my favourite sin," but I also don't see Tinette admitting her vanity.

Tinette's a vain person, it's no secret; she puts a lot of care into her appearance, because she really depends on it a lot to get things she wants or needs. Eventually I made up a quote of my own, as I'm pretty sure it's something Tinette would say if she felt it was her business to impart wisdom on somebody.

Now don't get me wrong, Tinette could still beat you bloody with her bare fists if she needed, but why fight when you can charm your way out of a situation?

I like Tinette's character a lot, which is funny, because if she was a real person, I would want nothing to do with her because she's such a nasty piece of work.

Oh Tinette, you fascinate me.