Friday, April 27, 2012


 Woo, finished my second art trade of the summer! And damn, did he fight me the whole way through.

I have a hard time with skinny characters, be they my own, or other people's.

When I was asked to draw Laurent as "suave" I must've looked at three hundred pictures of Fred Astaire. I'm a huge fan of Fred Astaire, and I don't think anything quite hits 'suave' as clearly as Fred Astaire.

Except George Clooney of course, who is awesome.

I PRESENT TO EVERYONE, Laurent. Impossibly fussy, whiny, prince.

Laurent belongs to Sarah, who is drawing me a picture of Kara in return!

Jessica finished this awesome picture of Ninja for me today!!

I love Ninja a lot, I really do, and even though she drives me crazy, I feel like she doesn't get enough love, so I was super happy that I asked Jess to draw her for me.

Hee, freckles.

Ninja's awesome, and Jessica has such pretty art.




  1. Ok...not Fred Astaire or George me it's more like Jim Carey. Love the hair colour. I'd like to try this one as well.

    1. You... Tell me you think I drew Jim Carey, and not that you think Jim Carey is suave-- Cause dear lord, is he not.