Monday, November 12, 2012

Ice verses Fire

I haven't really had any time to work on something for myself lately; I've been so busy doing work for school, I forgot what it felt like to just do something fun.

That being said, I sat down tonight after classes, and I drew this. I really liked it, it turned out cute and made me smile, even though I made it.

Lenore on the left is Jessica's character, who I've only drawn once before, while Ninja is mine. Lenore has some hidden magic abilities, over ice? I think? I'm not entirely sure to be honest, but she has magic powers. Ninja has powers over fire, but Ninja isn't able to control her powers- her powers were latent for most of her life, so she never learned the appropriate discipline to control it.

I know in a fight there aren't many people who would stand much of a chance against Ninja, simply because she can't control her flames. They get away from her, and she is immune to the heat. I didn't want to draw Ninja wiping Lenore of the map, so I thought about this cute little interaction of their opposite abilities instead.

Yay, cute things. I miss drawing.