Monday, March 4, 2013

From Earlier

 Hooray, I finished two of the drawings I've done over the past few days!

To the right is my friend Mike, who was the only one who didn't get an avatar portrait six months ago while I was dishing them out.

I figured I should fix that, and so I did. Here is Mike, the brother of the Avatar, going all superman with his air bender tattoos.

He's just that cool.

Everyone loves air benders, right?

Oh right, everyone except non-benders.
And this is Shaari and Alan, meeting in an alternate universe where Alan did not have any of his satyr qualities; an imagined universe he created for himself. He doesn't remember Shaari, but naturally fell in love with her all over again at first sight.

Alan's actually quite a romantic, you see. I figure where he grew up, satyrs aren't really considered a prime catch, and Alan is very used to being rejected, and makes a game out of it.

Shaari on the other hand, isn't put off by his hooves and loves him anyways.

Darnit they're so cute.

I draw Jessica's characters a lot.



I edited this to point out it is my three hundredth blog post.

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