Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mel!

Okay so, I finished another timeline the other night, this time of Lance, who I am not the biggest fan of, but I am trying to figure out. It helps me to spend some time developing the story of a character, even if I'm not fond of them.

I'm starting to like him more.

I have suspicions that he is a sociopath, which is kinda interesting, as I've never written for a sociopath before.

I like the little kid drawings. They're cute. And adorable.


I drew Sailor Moon for a very dear friend of mine, who has stuck by my side for many years, despite the fact that I am distant and hardly available to hang out. She stuck with me through some terrible drama, and spends her time trying to cheer me up.

She really is a god send, and I was touched when the other day she sent me a message and asked me if I would like to join her for her convocation, because she had an extra ticket. Verge of tears.

Even though I'm not the biggest on drawing fan art, and I've recently remembered why I don't really like drawing fanart, Mel means the world and a half to me, she should have a picture of her favourite character for her birthday.

Lots of love, Mel, your friendship means more to me than I could ever explain.



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  1. Lance is a hairy bugger. lol. It's the first thing I noticed. Love these timelines. The kids are really cute & I must admit a bit of a favorite for me.
    Very touching about Mel. I hope she likes it.