Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Suka Amaia Timeline

Yaaay, I finished a character timeline, inspired by Jessica! Suka, through the years.

Age five: Suka's parents died before she was old enough to properly remember. She was raised in an orphanage by nuns, until she was adopted at age five by a wealthy trading merchant with no children named Eddison Amaia.

Age thirteen: Long past her terrible sea sickness and horrible fear of strangers, Eddison signed Suka up for sword lessons, to which she practiced many hours a day, every day, since she was nine years old. She shows a lot of talent for it. Suka was introduced to Shaari and Phineas, and became close friends with Shaari, both of them being the only other girl child with which they had much contact with.

Age seventeen: Suka lost her arm when she was fifteen in a display of bravado gone wrong. She gave up her sword that day, and determined she wasn't going to fight again. With her wealthy fathers stores of money, he had a fine prosthetic crafted for her. Later this year Eddison fell ill and passed away.

Age twenty five: Suka has come out on top of all the ups and downs and settled into a life she is happy with. She has her family who she loves dearly and would do anything for, and she has adapted to her knew life almost seamlessly.

It was really fun to draw, I'm glad I did this.



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